Contra Costa Realtors in Motion

– Real Estate Professionals Leading Change

We are a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic real

estate professionals working towards a common goal – to

develop the regional real estate industry in Contra Costa

county. Join us to contribute to the local community.

Developing a Strong Regional Network

We are dedicated to bringing together all those in the regional real estate to re-define the dynamics of Contra Costa real estate.

Promoting Knowledge of Real Estate

Through our network, we aim at promoting the knowledge of current market listings and market conditions consistently.

Creating Awareness About Impact of Real Estate

One of our prime goals is to educate all those in the real estate business about the impact of real estate on the local community.

Contributing to the Community

At Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion, you get the opportunity to contribute to the local community through several charitable events, “hands-on” projects, and other community efforts.

Membership Benefits

Our members get special benefits like accessing potential clients through the Caravan Tours, voting rights, appearance on the member directory, a profile page, room sponsorship, banner advertising, and group marketing opportunities.

Caravan Home Tours

Through our weekly Caravan Tours, we show multiple properties located in Clayton, Concord, Martinez, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek, and allow agents or owners to get associated with potential clients.

Submit a Caravan Tour

Caravan Tours are our signature step to encourage networking among real estate agents and peers.

If your property has never been listed in our tour before, has had a price reduction, or was listed before 90 days, you are eligible to apply for a Caravan Tour, and meet new agents and owners.

Adding your property to the Caravan Tour is an easy 4-step process – fill out the online form, submit a formal presentation, and complete the Caravan Tour in the previous week, so that you know how our showings progress.

Give our Tour Captain your business card, apart from the one that you leave at the final home, and be a part of the tour on the day your property is being listed.

Submit a Formal Presentation

We encourage members to submit a formal presentation of their Contra Costa property which highlights your property.

Get on board with us for the Caravan Tours and join the hotlist of properties in Contra Costa.

Why Become a CCRIM Member?

The Caravan Tour

Our members get to showcase their properties to a wide network of real estate professionals and reach out to their roster of potential clients. Active members can keep listing new properties as long as you fit the eligibility criteria.

Member Profile & Voting Rights

Find our active members in our online directory. Each CCRIM member has their own personal profile page that includes their contact details, business details, and services, and more, all linked to your directory listing.

Sponsorship & Advertising

As a member, you have the opportunity to advertise your business to our existing members, and their clients through successful campaigns like room sponsorships and banner advertising.

Group Marketing Initiatives

With Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion, you can benefit from and help organize innovative marketing activities that involve networking, and advertising real estate businesses in groups.

Shaping the Future of Real Estate in Contra Costa

At Contra Costa Real Estate In Motion, we network with the leading professionals of real estate to ensure consistent knowledge of current market listings and market conditions.

We also spread awareness about the impact that the real estate and its affiliated industries have on the development of the local community.

Last, but not least, our members constantly strive to give back to the community by hosting several charitable events, “hands-on” projects, and other activities.

A group photo of nine people looking at the camera and smiling. These are the 2023 board of directors
2023 Board of Directors

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Weekly Meetings

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