CCRIM Charities

Each year the members Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion help benefit local charities. As an organization, we offer cash donations. As individuals, many of our members donate their time, their efforts and their knowledge to improve the community.

Current Charities

  • Toys for Tots
    Thousands of toys are being distributed to non-profits, hospitals, the needy, sick, disabled and poor families by the Marines in our local cities right now until Christmas.
  • Christmas for Everyone
    ServesĀ 3-5000 people Christmas day a delicious, hearty meal. Everyone will be given a gift and offered a haircut. To volunteer sign up at
  • Contra Costa Food Bank
    The Food Bank feeds 170, 000 hungry, sick, elderly and disabled citizens in our community monthly.
  • Helping Hands
    A benevolent fundĀ to benefit members of our association and those within our community that are in need due to catastrophic events.