Steven Campbell Speaking Tomorrow

Rewiring Your Brain in Real Estate
We face the same challenges! Developing a steady stream of consistent leads… Working with an unsteady income…. competing with thousands of agents to sell a very limited number of properties …Being better, faster and more knowledgeable with our clients …Staying in touch with your contacts past, present and future…Predicting where the real estate market is going…Competing with yourself to be a top agent…and Balancing all of this with the other parts in your life.

Sponsor Speaker: Bank of America

Join us for a guest speaker and some networking, coffee and breakfast tomorrow! Speaker at 8:30am. Breakfast 7:30am-10am @ 1101 Keaveny Ct Walnut Creek CA

Thank you to our Annual Sponsors:

Stokley Properties

Guild Mortgage

SAFE Credit Union

Bank of America

Wells Fargo

RPM Mortgage

Interested in sponsorship?!? Contact Folger today to find out what opportunities exist and are a good fit for your business. Folger Emerson at (212) 593-0051.

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