Jennifer E.S. Martin, Esq The Ownership of Rental Property and Estate Planning

Jennifer E.S. Martin will be talking about Rental Property ownership and Estate Planning. Join us for networking, breakfast and coffee! Tomorrow Tuesday May 1 st, 2018

Marketing meeting will be sponsored by Greg Young (925)-464-8871, and Daniel Watt (925)-658-1828 from Bank of America.

Thank you to our Annual Sponsors:

Stokley Properties

Guild Mortgage

SAFE Credit Union

Bank of America

Wells Fargo


Interested in sponsorship?!? Contact Folger today to find out what opportunities exist and are a good fit for your business. Folger Emerson at (212) 593-0051.

Our Caravan tour, led by our Tour Captain Monika Jones, begins after the meeting at 9:30.

A big thank you to CCAR and specifically, Jason Catalano for printing our tour sheets!

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