It’s a WEAR PINK kind of networking!

It’s Pink Tuesday!  We’ll honor our friends that are fighting cancer right now, Marilyn Chapman and Barbara Safron.  Wear a pink shirt, tie, skirt, dress and show your support!

Susie Garcia will be here speaking on Have Your Wine & Drink It Too, Balancing Foods & Moods for Fun, Health and Happiness.  She’ll talk to us about how to get through this holiday season

Holiday Brunch tickets are on sale! Look here:…

If you pray, pray! If not, send good thoughts, to those of our own that are facing health challenges; Barbara Safran, Nate Ellis, and Marilyn Chapman.

In the weeks ahead….
12/1 Christmas for Everyone, Mary Perez & the Food Bank’s Larry Sly
12/8 The Marines, “Toys for Tots”, Jason Bliss and Helping Hands with Tammy Cryer
12/15 Holiday Brunch

2016…How about it Michael Lee?

Doors open at 8:00 AM @ St Stephen’s Catholic Church, 1101 Keaveny Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94597.
Would you like to sponsor? We would love to have you! Yearly, monthly, coffee and food sponsors; Come one, come all! Contact John King at Our yearly sponsors are:

Bank of America, Guild Mortgage, Land Home Financial, Travis Credit Union, RPM Mortgage, and Wells Fargo. Our Caravan tour led by our Tour Captain, Ryan Keller and his team, begins after the meeting at 9:30.

A big thank you to CCAR for printing our tour sheets.


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