Calling your Guru – Marketing & Advertising Expert Dennis Erokan gracing the stage tomorrow.

Join us for breakfast @ 8am Tuesday Febuary 13th, 2018 and listen in on some marketing expertise from industry expert Dennis Erokan. St. Steven’s Catholic Church 1101 Keaveny COurt Walnut Creek, CA. Network with us tomorrow before Broker’s Tour and gain some valuable insight.

Mr. Erokan has over 25 years of marketing strategy and information industry experience.  He worked closely with many dynamic Bay Area leaders and has gained valuable insight into the strategic issues and marketing challenges that many companies face, and is able to apply this essential knowledge directly to client programs and projects. He serves as the President of the Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette. A pioneer in niche market publishing, Mr. Erokan created BAM Magazine in 1976 to give record companies, movie studios and musical instrument manufacturers a way to reach young people on the West Coast at a reasonable cost.

Thank you to our Annual Sponsors:

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Our Caravan tour, led by our Tour Captain Monika Jones, begins after the meeting at 9:30.

A big thank you to CCAR and specifically, Jason Catalano for printing our tour sheets!





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